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Touched by the Fire





























A number of years ago I had a profound experience that changed my life.  While at a conference, God began to release gold teeth upon many in the audience.  I have a silver front tooth and I was hoping to get a “supernatural” tooth.  I didn’t.  But the next day I was sitting alone and I asked God, “Hey, why didn’t I get a gold tooth?”  IMMEDIATELY a powerful thought came into my head and said, “I gave you something better.  I put a gold cap on the seeping sewer in your heart”.  In that instant, God delivered me from 40 years of addiction from pornography. All of my adult life I struggled with this bondage, but God set me free in the twinkling of an eye.  This 5’ x 3’ relief was my “Thank Offering” to my Redeemer.  An angel is released from God’s hand and with a purifying coal in one hand he lights a new flame within my heart with his finger.




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