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Once when Jesus was at the temple He was watching as people put money into the tithing box.  Many rich people came and put money in from their excess, but one little widow came in and put in a simple coin.  Jesus turned to His disciples and said that the woman had given more than all the rest, because she had given out of her poverty.  As I’ve traveled the world I have observed the poor first hand, and this is what I see.  The wealthy rarely give sacrificially.  They give what they can spare, much like crumbs falling off of a banquet table.  Not so with the poor.  Time and again I’ve seen the poor man share what little he has with others, often showing great compassion when they themselves are in need.  The more comfortable you are, the less willing you are to cause yourself discomfort.  So the poor man often shames us all.  This relief illustrates this idea as a poor beggar offers what little he has to the cripple. The rich background is a metaphor of the beauty God sees in this act.



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