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A while back I had a dream.  I was at a zoo looking at lions lying in a natural setting.  I got closer for a better look but hid behind a rock.  Suddenly a lion began to walk past me.  It looked like there was another lion hanging onto his opposite side.  As he walked past me I noticed vultures hovering overhead.  Then the lion turned and what I thought was another lion was in fact the lion’s skin peeled off of him.  There he stood, a skeleton, totally eviscerated, a hollow empty lion.  He looked so weak I wondered how he could be alive and why someone didn’t put him out of his misery.  Then I woke.  For two days I was troubled by this dream.  I knew that for me the lion represented Christ and His church on earth, and it was a perfect picture of the way the world sees Christianity - a weak, powerless form, barely alive.  Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “That lion was in a zoo, but I am not a tame lion, and I am about to stand up.  Watch how the world will shake!”




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