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I have heard it said that we are only an experience away from a breakthrough with God.  We don’t know when these moments will happen, but when they do, it changes everything.  I live for revelations - or encounters - with God.  In fact, as I reflect back upon my life, it has been made up of incremental encounters that have led me to where I am today.  So the story of 2 men walking from Jerusalem to the small village of Emmaus has remained one of my favorites.  These 2 men had heard “rumors” of things that were happening after Jesus died, but they just weren’t sure.  Then they met a chance stranger who began to explain everything.  Could these things be true?  Their hearts burned within them as they listened.  Then they had supper together at a small inn, and as the stranger “broke the bread” they realized they were talking to the resurrected Jesus. Then he disappeared!  So too, I’ve heard rumors of what God is doing today, and through a series of “Emmaus experiences” I have discovered that they are all true.  What an exciting time to be alive.




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